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  • christine garner paintingstudiofirstrender4

    Resource Round Up for May/June

    Here is another resource round up article for art and design resources I’ve spotted around the web. Lunacy Lunacy is a free design software for Mac, Windows and Linux that comes with some AI features like image up-scaling, background removal, avatar generation and text generation. Avatar Mixer A free tool by Kenny to make different […] More

  • clipstudiopaintaicolorize2

    AI Colorization in Clip Studio Paint

    I’m always interested in checking out tools that make the process of doing digital art easier, more convenient or add an element of creativity I may not have thought of on my own. Without access to a team AI has the potential to be an artists assistant of sorts. Clip Studio Paint is a brilliant […] More

  • LyonnaLyu00009

    Lyonna Lyu Digital and Graphic Artist Inspired by Ancient Eritrean Arts – African Digital Art

    All of Lyu is a self-taught illustrator and iconographer utilizing NFTs as a preservation tool. Lyonna incorporates Eritrean heritage, narratives, and history while reimagining an ancient artistic styles. Some pieces are political and social critiques in nature, reflecting our world from an African diasporic lens. When I create, I think about my family’s decision to […] More

  • 1657258026 cropped 3dlogoartsquirrelhr2web

    Clip Studio Paint 10th Anniversary

    Clip Studio Paint is a program for digital painting, comic creation and Illustration work. They recently had another big update. Summer 2022 Update – What’s New? Updated app logo and splash screen to celebrate 10 years of Clip Studio Paint Expanded support for Companion mode – now you can use Companion mode on all devices […] More

  • cropped 3dlogoartsquirrelhr2web

    Inkscape 1.2 Released – The Art Squirrel

    Anyone looking for a program do do vector based Illustration, art and graphic design in could give Inkscape a go because it is free, open source and available for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. A new version of Inkscape (1.2) was released Last month with many new features and improvements to the user interface. Release […] More

  • illuminate2dshapearticle

    Illuminate 2D Shape G’MIC – The Art Squirrel

    I’ve been experimenting with another normal map and digital painting related tool over the last few weeks which you can find in G’MIC (a full-featured open-source framework for digital image processing). Luckily G’MIC is incorporated into the latest version(s) of Krita and can be used in other software as plugins you can find on the […] More

  • AudreyDerneville00007

    Senegalese Graphic Artist Audrey d’Erneville – African Digital Art

    Audrey d’ErnevilleArtist & Art Director, was born in Paris but made the world her home. Currently living between Dakar and Los Angeles, she also spent some of her childhood in South Africa, and strives to create work that is as rich and colorful as her cultural background. Multi-faceted creative, she has always been inspired by […] More

  • yaw onyina r6 b m

    3D Sculpture Model of African Tribal Leader – African Digital Art

    African Digital Art is a celebration of the culture of art, design, and technology in Africa. Established in 2009 African Digital Art is an international award-winning platform recognized for archiving a wide range of artistic production from; audio/visual production, animation, interactive projects, web, film, graphic art, and design. Our focus is global African artistic […] More

  • GlitchofMind00010 1

    Glitch of Mind Dominican Afrosurrealist Artist – African Digital Art

    GlitchOfMind (Leonel P.) is a Photographer & 3D Afrosurrealist artist from the Dominican Republic based in the Netherlands. Glitch creates artworks that focus on themes of self-exploration through visual symbolisms using his identity & experiences as a catalyst for his imaginary worlds. His work is created exploring with his photographs, 3D and animation. His work […] More

  • SanjoLawal00007

    Sanjo Lawal Nigerian Multi Disciplinary Digital Artist – African Digital Art

    As a fine art photographer living and working in Lagos Nigeria, Lawal’s work is deeply influenced by his environment. Nigeria is inhabited by the largest demographic of diverse ethnic groups in Africa” with over 525 native languages spoken. His appreciation of Nigerian culture heightened his curiosity to experience continually and to explore the vast nuance […] More

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