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Explore how half of Earth’s water originated from the planet’s inception and how the other half was deposited by comets.
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Earth the Biography: Oceans :

Earth the Biography: Oceans | National Geographic

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  1. Why was earth heavily bombarded by comets? Why did it stop?
    Why didnt comets bombard the other planets and provided with just as much water as they did on earth?
    If the water came from steam that turned in to a rain, why are the oceans salty since rain water is fresh water? What happened to the theory that asteroids brought water to the earth?

    The theory of comets bringing water to earth sounds rediculous. As other planets would also have had just as much water as earth

  2. I think most of the Earth's water had to have originated from a single impact with a giant comet, an extremely low probability event even in the early solar system. If there were many smaller comets that brought the water to Earth, with each impact being of high probability, then the same impacts should have happened to other inner planets. But only the Earth has oceans. So it's reasonable to conclude that the water that was brought to earth was from a low probability event – an impact with a giant comet. But it's rather unlikely that in addition to this giant comet impact, there was another impact with a giant asteroid that formed the Moon. So one may infer that there was a single impact with a giant comet that both formed the Moon and brought liquid water in sufficient quantities to form oceans…

  3. Wasn't the moon coming out of earth at 4.5 billion years ago? the moon and the earth and the oceans happened at the same time? Also, how come the vapor didn't go into space? if the moon was close to earth the atmosphere wasn't formed yet, how did the steam collect around earth and not dissolve in space? what about the moon?

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