Michelle Obama – First African American First Lady | Mini Bio| Biography

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Michelle Obama, who in 2009 became the United States’ first African-American First Lady. Watch her mini biography in this video. #Biography
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Michelle Obama – First African American First Lady | Mini Bio| Biography

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  1. The amount of passive-aggressive hate AND just outright hate that this woman displayed was disgusting. For some reason they forgot to mention the fact that she admitted to being ashamed of her American status UNTIL she was catapulted into fame and wealth by becoming the most followed woman in American culture.

  2. There are many things in our thoughts when we hear the name, Michelle Obama. She is a great woman and her activities in public politics in the United States are awesome. But in my personal opinion, Michelle Obama is the most popular first lady in the United States after Jackie Kennedy. She was born on January 17th, 1964 in a poor neighborhood in Chicago. She studied at Princeton and Harvard University like a lawyer and she is very overprotective like a lioness with her daughters.

  3. She understood her role and supported so many people. The way she took the lead with programs like "Let's Move!" and the defense of LGBT rights.
    She helped organize the community outreach programs in Chicago and she took a prominent role in Barack campaign. I think without her, Barack would never had been a president.

  4. She went to the princeton, was a mentor to her husband, studied hard, and became the first African-American lady. She is famous because she loves her family, she loves her nation, she loves her culture, she loves helping, it's incredible. 🙂

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