The Tragic Story Of Johnny Depp | Biography Part 1 (Life, scandals, career)

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Johnny Depp is going through a difficult time. The Amber Heard scandal, his leaving of Fantastic Beasts and many other films, accusations of abuse and assaults. Nevertheless, Johnny Depp was and will be a great actor, despite the recent scandal with Amber Heard. Undoubtedly, the trials with Amber Heard have caused huge damage to Johnny Depp’s reputation, but loyal fans know who is really guilty of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard scandal. Johnny Depp’s leaving of Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean was a big shock for all fans, and even his previous legendary films Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Crybaby, What’s eating Gilbert Grape and others could not influence the decision of the film company in any way. To my great surprise, not everyone knows that in addition to Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp starred in many other films. In our new video, we will tell in detail about the life and films of Johnny Depp, about the scandal of Johnny Depp with Amber Heard, about how he got into the Pirates of the Caribbean and how he became the person we know today.

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00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Childhood
05:23 – Johnny’s first steps in music and cinema
18:52 – Career Takeoff


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  1. Serious PEDOPHILE which can happen to people with fucked up childhoods
    You sheople love A PERSONA
    as you know NOTHING about this severely damaged carbon based lifeform.
    He allowed you to escape from your own realities and that makes you feel good and you feel you love him you're f*** up.

  2. There was also a real porno called "Edward Penis Hands", I remember a friend of mine renting it and we watched it not unbelieving the premise and the copying of the movie! I remember a scene where the actor is pleasuring two women, using his "implements", while making the movie "faces" of Edward Scissorhands! It was classic and bad at the same time! It took a while to be able to "clean it" off my young psyche!

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