Resource Round Up July 2022

resource roundup

Here is another assorted resource roundup for you. I’ve collected links to software, tutorials and other digital art or creative resources I thought were useful or interesting (most often both). As usual I am not asked to make these posts by any of the people or companies I mention, not that I wouldn’t mention them if they asked and I thought they were cool or relevant to the blog of course.



3DCoatPrint is a free version of 3D Coat which is solely intended for creating objects for 3D Printing and for rendering out the results in 2D images. Other uses are not allowed in the license.

PD Howler 2023

PD Howler has a new version with many more improvements and features, including 1-3 point perspective guides, sky rendering with volume clouds, a new color picker (which I had suggested and they implemented for me- so thank you very much!), as well as lots more cool things for animation and VFX.

PD Howler for painting and more


PixelBasher is a very new software still in alpha stage being developed by a game studio called Blastmode in the Netherlands. PixelBasher is designed to let people create pixel art by using the “bashing” technique with a library of pixel art assets. Usually this is used with photos and is known as photo bashing, or in 3d this would be called kit bashing.

Game Texture Viewer

Game Texture Viewer is a software for browsing texture image files and sprite sheets without needing to open them in other software. This tool is made by a game studio called JangaFX. They have released it for free as well so I thought it was worth mentioning in case it is useful.

Website Apps / Software

LeiaPix Converter

Fun with depth maps and wobble animationthat’s all I’m saying.

Hugging Face Spaces

More AI experimentation than you can shake a stick at.

Interesting Blogs

Artistic Render Blog

Artistic Render is a blog with articles and videos about Blender written by a 3D artist called Eric Selin.

Stylized Station

Stylized Station has some really interesting articles and video tutorials on creating hand painted / stylized 3D art.

Gachoki Studios Blog

This blog has many articles about animation and visual effects.

Tutorials and Videos

Anton Tenitsky’s YouTube Channel

If you are into 3D Coat check out this awesome YouTube channel by artist Anton Tenitsky. The basic introduction videos and the interviews with artists who use 3D Coat are very useful.

GD Quest

If you want to learn about making games in Godot check GD Quest out.

Godot Recipes

A resource for tutorials on Godot related topics.

Sophie Jantak

Sophie Jantak is an Illustrator with amazing Blender Grease Pencil knowledge and awesome drawing skills who makes videos showing how to do things.

Other Resources

3D Anatomy Reference


Skull Planes

Male Facial Mucles Ecorche


2D Game Art, Animation, and Lighting for Artists A free downloadable e-book from Unity.

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