Sherie Margaret Ngigi Kenya Visual Artist, Photographer and Filmmaker


Sherie Margaret Ngigi breaks down the many sides of identity through her art, capturing the beauty in the complicated process of self-discovery and the delicate grace that exists in the midst of the contradictions of human morality. She uses digital photography to play with various dimensions of her work.

Margaret Ngigi is a creative photographer and filmmaker born, raised, and currently living in Kenya. Margaret Ngigi is a creative photographer and filmmaker with an eye for detail. She is passionate about creating visually engaging narrative content that creates impact. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Production and Directing from the United States International University of Africa.

Margaret has been practicing photography since 2015, during which she has won awards such as the 2022 East African Photography Awards and been nominated as the 2020 Photo London Emerging Photographer of the Year. Internationally she has exhibited her work at art fairs such as Photo Basel and Photo London, and had solo shows such as Murky Waters in London and Mimi Ni Nani? working with galleries such as AKKA Project and Doylewham.

“Women have always been and continue to be at the centre of my projects. By taking images of women, I also capture myself.”

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